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Ma = wild
Maruten = a koi with a round red patch on the head in addition to other markings
on the body
Matsuba = a pine-cone or reticulated pattern resulting in a net effect at the back of a koi; usually caused by scales whose centers are colored differently from their edges
Menkaburi = masked, usually referring to a Kohaku with a completely red head
Menware = a lightning-shaped marking across the head of a koi, which is a desirable trait in a Showa or Utsuri
Meija = the era from 1868 to 1912
Midorigoi = a doitsu koi of greenish color
Moto aka = red pectoral joint
Motoguro = black coloration at the base of pectoral fins; a desirable trait in Showa and Utsuri
Moyo = with markings or patterns
Muji = translates to nothing else, usually used as a suffix to refer to a singlecolored koi



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