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Hageshiro = an all-black koi (Karasu) whose head and snout are patched with white or brown
Hagoromo = a variety of aigoromo
Hajiro = an all-black koi (Karasu) whose tail and fins are edged with white
Hanako = translates to flower maiden, referring to a red koi
Hi = red, usually referring to a red patch or coloration on a koi
Hariwake = a metallic white koi with gold or yellowish markings
Hikari - metallic
Hikarimoyo = refers to a metallic koi with more than one color, with the exception of metallic showa and metallic utsuri (both of which are classified as Hikari Utsuri)
Hikarimuji = refers to a metallic koi of single color
Hikariutsuri = refers to a koi that’s a metallic version of either the Showa or the Utsuri
Hisoku = yellow-green color



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